Health Guarantee


purchase contract

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This French Bulldog Puppy is being sold to the Buyer.

Born on __________________
Sex __________

The consideration for this sale shall be in the sum of $_________.

All puppies will have a full health check prior to leaving the Seller ( Over The Top French Bulldogs, Inc. ). If the puppy sold is found to have a life-threatening congenital defect within six months from the date of birth, the puppy may be replaced by a puppy of equal value, upon a written and conclusive diagnosis containing the congenital defect and a description of the puppy in question from two separate veterinarians. This replacement may occur only once per each customer purchase.

A speculative or inconclusive diagnosis WILL NOT warrant a replacement from the Seller. No Exceptions! Seller shall not be held responsible for the development of disqualifying faults, diseases, viruses or disorders, which are due to Buyers negligence. This guarantee does not cover common ailments (such as hookworms, Demodex, hernia, loose hips and knees, patella, small nares, elongated soft palate, hemivertebrae and cherry eye).

Buyer understands and is fully aware that NO REPLACEMENTS WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANY REASON other than those stated in this agreement.

__________ (initials)

Severe hip dysplasia must be confirmed by x-ray and be graded severe. Mild dysplasia is not covered as it is impossible to determine if it is congenital or environmental. Environmental means through repeated trauma to the undeveloped joints through rough play, too much exercise, jumping on and off of furniture and decks, etc.).


Severe Spinal Abnormalities

Most French Bulldogs have at least one hemivertebrae, if not more. Replacements for spinal issues will be discussed on a case by case basis considering the quality of life of your dog, the opinion of your vet and whether surgery is necessary. (Please do not let your dog jump from high surfaces, as this can increase the chances of a ‘normal’ hemivertebrae becoming problematic).

In the case of sudden/unexpected death a necropsy must be performed, at the Buyer’s expense, and a written and conclusive diagnosis stating that the cause of death is related to a congenital defect as listed above must be returned along with a copy of the necropsy report and the registration papers.

Buyer understands and agrees that the Seller is not responsible for any veterinary medical expenses incurred by the Buyer once said puppy has left the possession of the Seller.

Buyer understands that once the puppy leaves the Seller’s possession there are some common conditions that can affect puppies. Coccidiosis (Coccidia), Giardia and kennel cough are not covered in this contract, all of which can be common in puppies and neither are life threatening and are easily treated. We also HIGHLY recommend you do NOT visit dog parks/doggie daycares. These are breeding grounds for disease and illness even for vaccinated adult dogs!


Buyer agrees to authorize the release of said puppy’s medical records to the Seller and the Seller’s veterinarian for the purpose of review should a replacement be requested or potentially warranted within 72 hours of notifying the Seller of a problem.

This contract is non-transferable. Should BUYER relinquish ownership in the DOG, for any reason, this contract shall be deemed null and void. No refunds are given in any case.

By purchasing any dog from Over The Top French Bulldogs, you agree to the terms above.