A home is not complete without a french bulldog

No matter where you go, how long you take, how far it is, I will wait for you. ~ Your French Bulldog  

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No matter where you go, how long you take, how far it is, I will wait for you. ~ Your French Bulldog
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About Us

We started with the American Bully about 7 years ago, but one day at a dog show we met the most amazing French Bulldog. We ended up purchasing one for one of our kids, since he suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. We were told that French Bulldogs where great emotional support dogs, so we gave it a shot. Ever since the day we brought that first French Bulldog home, they became part of the family in every way, shape, and form. Because of this, we decided to start breeding. Not only to own the best breed, but to give others insight on the great qualities that frenchies provide, and duplicate this forward to the community. Here at Over the Top French Bulldogs, we focus on Quality not Quantity, breeding only the best. We shoot for miniature french bulldogs, short in height and thick in frame structure. We are located in the heart of Kissimmee, FL.

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Breed Stats

  • Small breed
  • 4th most popular and registered dog
  • 3rd most popular AKC registered breed
  • Multiple colors
  • Minimum grooming
  • Great with children
  • Often used as an emotional support dog for anxiety and other issues

Breed Overview

The French bulldog is a small breed. French bulldogs were the result in the 1800s of the cross between Bulldogs ancestors imported  from England and local rattlers in Paris, France. Since 2015 the breed has become the fourth most popular and registered dog, and the 3rd most popular AKC registered breed. Color standards are various shades of brindle, fawn, tan or white brindle with patches. The French Bulldogs are a companion dog breed, and require close contact with humans. They have fairly minimal exercise needs. That’s why they have become a great apartment dog. Minimum grooming is required. French Bulldogs make excellent companions. The French bulldog rarely barks, and if they do, it’s to draw attention. The breed is patient and affectionate with others, especially with children and other animals. They are ranked  109th in Stanley Corners The Intelligence of dog. The Breed has been used often as an emotional support dog helping to cure anxiety and other related issues

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I absolutely love my puppy! I’ve wanted a French Bulldog for so long and searched forever. I never felt like i found the right breeders until I came across Over the Top French Bulldogs. I finally have the frenchie I’ve been wanting!

I want to thank Over the Top French Bulldogs. Navigating their page was very easy and their prices affordable for the quality of my new frenchie Moet.
Jim & Sarah

Over the Top French Bulldogs made getting my new best friend a success! Could not be happier to have been paired with this super loveable pup. Thanks Edwin and Erika!
Rodriguez Family

I have a special needs son and… I was paired with the perfect French bulldog for my son. It’s  not only changed his behaviors, it has soothed his depression in ways medicine could not. Thanks to these wonderful people that found our perfect match!

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